Eheim Aquarium Heater 75w

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The Eheim Heater is an ultra modern electronic thermal device for heating your aquarium. Available in 9 sizes 25w 50w 75w 100w 125w 150w 200w 250w and 300w. - Temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18deg to 34deg C and recalibrated if required. The control accuracy is +/- 0.5deg C. - Heat is kept at a constant level. The heating function is indicated by a control lamp. - Fully submersible. - Protected against dry running. - Laboratory quality glass jacket enlarges heating surface and ensures optimum even heat emission. - Suitable for Freshwater or Marine water. - Includes suction cup holder. - 75w heater suitable for 60-100l aquariums. - 270mm length x 36mm diameter.